Buy the right Flagpole for you

Not sure what Flag and/or Flagpole is right for you? Well lets get started…

1.) Budget. Purchasing a flagpole has a wide range of different costs. It depends on multiple factors. Some of those being the all round peak, diameter of the pole, and the thickness of the tubing for example. An average budget can go from $50 to $2,500 on the internet. I would highly encourage you to contact A Specialties today to discuss your budget and find the right Flagpole for you.
2.) Neighborhood Codes and Community Associations. Once you find the right budget, you want to check for any neighborhood, Home Owner Association, community, or State/county rules or limits of owning a Flagpole. Contact the correct person(s) and discuss before making your purchase.

3.) Construction. Sectional flagpoles are usually tapered on one particular end to match snugly into the section above it, leaving only a slight seam that is seen up near. Each area is generally five ft to six toes in duration. Telescoping flagpoles have turn out to be increasingly common because of to their ease of raising and reducing the flag, their relative low expense, and their portability. As always their is the reliable wall-mounted flagpole.

4.) Height. After determining what the rule and limitations are for your area, you want to choose your height.  As a standard rule, if your property is single-tale, a 16-foot to twenty-foot pole is great. For tall simple-tale homes or average two-story residences, a 20-foot to 25-foot pole operates effectively. Taller two-tale houses can seem great with a 25-foot or 30-foot flagpole.

5.) Ease of Set up. When deciding how to put up your flagpole, it helps to know what all is involved prior to grabbing a shovel and jumping proper in. Often it is better to spend somebody to do it correct than to help save a number of bucks and have to reside with the outcomes for the next 20 a long time. Sectional flagpoles and telescoping flagpoles are inserted into a floor sleeve that is established in concrete which extends below the frost line.floor sleeve is established perfectly level in the concrete. Setting up a wall-mounted flagpole is significantly simpler and can be tackled by nearly every single house owner with a few standard tools. Most brackets consider 3 or 4 mounting screws.

6.) Wind and Weather conditions Conditions. When evaluating a flagpole for purchase, consider the normal weather conditions in which you reside. Does your location have large winds? Is there buildings around blocking the wind? Are you in an open field with no blockage? Ask A Specialties about what flag pole fits your business or home.

7.) 24-Hour Show. The United States Code of Federal Laws states in Title4, Chapter 1, Element,

“It is the universal customized to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on structures and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. However, when a patriotic result is preferred, the flag might be displayed twenty-4 hrs a day if appropriately illuminated throughout the several hours of darkness.”

You may want to think about purchasing lights to display your flagpole to proudly display your flag all the hours of the day.


Being an owner of a Flag and Flagpole is a great way to show your patriotism while at the same time incorporating attractiveness and magnificence to your house or business. Contact A Specialties today to exercise your newly learned knowledge and obtain your new Flag. Servicing Indianapolis, Greenwood, and surrounding counties.